How to Participate

The Michigan-Shiga Sister-State relationship creates programming and opportunities for people of all ages connecting Michigan and Shiga during every stage of life!

  • Childhood: visits from the Otsu Children's choir creates programming for children and families
  • Middle and high school: each year middle and high school students participate in various city and state wide exchange programs.
  • College: JCMU provides unique language and culture programs of varying lengths for college students and professionals.
  • Professionals: the JET program provides opportunities for participants to work as language assistants, work in communities on international exchange activities or as sports exchange advisors.
  • Anytime: the Goodwill Mission creates opportunities to travel to Shiga Japan with fellow Michiganders, or to host visitors from Shiga.
  • Find out about upcoming events to participate in on our events page, or contact us to get involved today!